Terms of Use

Terms of Use



Terms of use of the website


The use of www.kessybeldi.com website is subject to current regulations and to the following terms of use. You are informed that everything you visualize or read on this website is protected by intellectual property rights.


This website is an information portal aiming at web users using it, provided by KESSY VERRE BELDI. By accessing, navigating and using this website, you accept the following terms:


Legal information


The www.kessybeldi.com website was created on behalf of KESSY VERRE BELDI, it is the property of KESSY VERRE BELDI company.


KESSY VERRE BELDI Limited Liability Company, with social capital of 200 000 dirhams registered at the Tribunal of  Marrakech under number 64993.


Adress :  Parc Industriel Sidi Bou Othmane, lot 106. Sidi Bou Othmane – Marrakech – Morocco
Tel        :  (+212) 05 24 32 06 33


Limitation of liability


Contents provided by this website are only for information purpose. KESSY VERRE BELDI does not make any specific promise, does not bind commitment regarding the content of services, specific functionalities available through services, their liability, their availability.


Information and contents available on this website would not in any case engage the responsibility of KESSY VERRE BELDI, in any manner whatsoever.


The user if the only judge of the good use, with judgement and mind, of the data available on the website.


KESSY VERRE BELDI will not be able in any case, within the limit of applicable law, be held responsible of any damage and/or prejudice, direct or indirect, material or immaterial, of any nature whatsoever, resulting of an unavailability or of any use of the www.kessybeldi.com website. The term “use” must be understood in a wide meaning.


Access and Navigation


KESSY VERRE BELDI implements the technical solutions at its disposal to allow 24/7 access to its website. The company can nevertheless, at any moment, suspend, limit or interrupt access to the website or some of its pages in order to proceed to updates, modifications of the content or any other action deemed necessary for the proper functioning of the website.


The connection and navigation of www.kessybeldi.com website is worth acceptance of these general terms of use, irrespective of the technical access means and terminal used.


These general terms of use apply to any declination of extension of the website over exist or to be developed social media and/or social communities.


General terms of use


The access and use of this website needs the express acceptance of the general terms of use defined in these terms, under its last online version, KESSY VERRE BELDI remaining free to modify them at any time without any former notification in order to adapt them to the evolution of the website and to the current laws and regulations.


It is therefore advised to the user to refer to the general terms of use before any navigation.


Protection of your personal data


Some informations are collected directly from the user, with the user’s agreement, when the use wish to use a customized service or submit a specific request. In such a case, for instance, when the user requests the creation of a professional customer account or wish to access the professional customer space provided to the user.


Data collected in the contact forms available on the www.kessybeldi.com website are handles and registered by KESSY VERRE BELDI, responsible of the treatment for the following purposes : internal management, management of customer relation, managements of orders, statistics, management of requests for information.


By filling in your personal data, some of these data are necessary to process your request, while other allow us to customize and improve our customer relationship, in order to offer what is the most adapted to your needs. On the pages where personal data are requested from you, you will be informed if the communication or these data is compulsory or not.


In any case, the collection of personal data is always processed in a loyal manner, in accordance with the legal provision of 09-08 law of February 18, 2009 on the protection of natural persons regarding the treatment of personal data. These data are aiming at the sole use of KESSY VERRE BELDI.


These data can be communicated, under their request, to administrative or legal authorities.


In accordance with the legal provisions of 09-08 law on the protection of natural persons regarding the treatment of personal data, you benefit of an access right, a rectification’s right or suppression’s right on data referring to you from KESSY VERRE BELDI, Parc Industriel Sidi Bou Othmane, lot 106. Sidi Bou Othmane – Marrakech – Morocco, or by email at contact.kessy@gmail.com.




As part of the improvement of services, cookies can be placed on your device in order to generate statistics about the use of the corporate website of KESSY VERRE BELDI (most visited pages, frequency of website access, etc.). By no means do the stocked cookies contain personal data.


Contact forms


Personal informations communicated to KESSY VERRE BELDI through the different contact forms are used to answer the user requests, and to inform you of the existence of our products and services within the frame of commercial and marketing operations or to be used as a basis for studies and analysis. They can only be accessed by competent departments of KESSY VERRE BELDI and are not communicated to any third party.


Hypertext links to brand websites


In order to facilitate the access to other websites subject to bring additional information, KESSY VERRE BELDI inserted in its website a certain number of hypertext links. Nevertheless, the responsibility of the company could not in any case be engaged on behalf of a third party website to which you would have had accessed through www.kessybeldi.com website and presenting controversial or inexact content. KESSY VERRE BELDI has no mean whatsoever to control the content of third party websites. External websites can contain hypertext links pointing to our website, and KESSY VERRE BELDI has no legal mean whatsoever to oppose to this practice used over the Internet and could not in any case be held responsible for content issued by external websites.




All pictures, brands, logos, domain names and information in the form of text or pictures on the website are the property of KESSY VERRE BELDI or have been authorized for use. Any use through reproduction, modification, downloading, transmission or any other present or future existing meaning must be the subject of a prior written authorization (mail or email).


Only copies for private and non-commercial use are authorized, subject to the intellectual property rights mentioned. The reproduction of articles or reports found on this website is also subject to authorization will have to include a “© Kessy Beldi” mention or according to the rights mentioned in the source. Every offender exposes himself to legal proceedings.




KESSY VERRE BELDI is a registered trademark in Morocco. All other products, services and company names mentioned on the website may be trademarks of their respective owners.


You may not use any trademark displayed on this website without written authorization or KESSY VERRE BELDI or of the relevant owner of the trademark.


Photography credits


Any reproduction or use of photographic documents for which the company owned the copyright is forbidden whatever the type of publication (paper, internet, TV) without prior authorization of KESSY VERRE BELDI and can only be used for an application that would have been priorly accepted by KESSY VERRE BELDI and this only for one single use. Any reuse will need prior agreement from KESSY VERRE BELDI company.


Any lent document cannot be, for any reason, communicated to a third party.


Any modification of a credited photography, or of the accompanying caption, will have to be subject to prior written agreement from KESSY VERRE BELDI.


No photography can used for advertisement purpose without prior authorization.


If you manipulate in any way the image, you create a “derivative” work.  According to the current copyright law, the creator of the original work is considered the owner of the copyright. As a consequence, you are not the copyright owner of the derivative work since you are not the owner of the original work.




These terms apply for the entire duration of the online service offered by KESSY VERRE BELDI on www.kessybeldi.com website.


Applicable law and place of jurisdiction


These terms are subject to moroccan law. In the case of litigation and failure to reach an amicable solution between the parties, competence will be attributed to the tribunal of commerce of Marrakech.